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Do you dislike wrapping food items in thin plastic that sits in your fridge so shinny, unnatural? Do you dislike the smell of the plastic wrap that invariably imparts some of its odour onto your food? Have you ever considered looking for an alternative when wrapping it up?

Here’s a beautiful new Australian product which has been brought to the attention of Artisan House.

Honeybee Wraps

Honeybee wraps are a reusable food wrap perfect for wrapping fruit and vegetables, cheeses, lunches, leftovers and snacks on the go. Sherrie, the maker of this great kitchen product is a mother of five children who are lucky enough to grow up in a small community that embraces green living. They grow their own vegetables and have free range chickens and with all such amazing produce she was looking for a way to persevere their food for longer… Honeybee wrap was born!

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Each honeybee wrap is made by hand on their farm in Byron Bay. Happy is an understatement to how Sherrie feels about being able to provide a natural alternative to plastic for food storage that is safe, non toxic and eco friendly.

HoneyBee wrap is made from 100% organic cotton fabric, natural beeswax, jojoba oil,coconut oil and tree resin.This collection of ingredients creates a flexible wrap that can be used over and over again. Simply mould the honeybee wrap to the top of the dish by using the warmth and pressure of your hands to create a seal. Use the same method for wrapping vegetables, cheeses, sandwiches and snacks on the go. It is not recommended for meat.

Honey Bee Wraps

Loving Your Honeybee Wrap and looking after it for longer use periods is easy. Wash your honeybee wrap in cool water with a mild dish soap rinse and air dry and store in your kitchen draw.
Avoid microwaves, ovens and dishwashers. Beeswax and jojoba oil have amazing antibacterial properties that aid in keeping your food fresh for longer.
How Long Does The Honeybee Wrap Last? Well, if you follow the simple steps of care, your Honeybee wrap should last for up to a year.

For more information on Honeybee Wraps, please visit their website:

All Club Artisan members are eligible to enter the Wrapping it up Competition to go in the draw to win one of three HoneyBee Wrap 3-packs (retail value of $30 / pack).

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