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The Art of Salmon Caviar

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Beyond the Valley and over the picturesque Yarra Ranges in Victoria is the home of Yarra Valley Caviar … a fresh water aquaculture farm that uses water from the nearby Rubicon River.

This brand is known for best quality (natural) caviar products, both salmon and trout which are hand-milked.

Have you ever seen how caviar is extracted from the salmon?
We have, and here’s a short Youtube clip of our observation of the 2015 milking season

Questions and Answers time


We were fortunate to have a short question and answer session with Nick Gorman, National Business Development Manager at Yarra Valley Caviar:


Nick Gorman, Yarra Valley Caviar


Can you tell us a little about your background?


My interest in Aquaculture began as a child growing up on the land, where fishing and yabbying were go to activities, providing hours of fun after school and on weekends. Upon Finishing my VCE, I began a Bachelor of Science majoring in Aquaculture. Upon completion I worked in water management, commercial diving and ended up running a commercial Trout Smokehouse in Melbourne. In 2006 I began working with Yarra Valley Caviar initially on the farm and moved a few years later into the Sales/Marketing and Business Development area. Although the Aquaculture sector is challenging given the vulnerability to weather conditions and natural disasters it has provided me with much satisfaction. Been able to produce a unique hand milked Salmon Caviar product recognised around the country and abroad is amazing!


What is the most significant innovation in your industry that you have seen or utilise?


Salmon milking has developed significantly over the years. Traditionally an air needle was used to force the eggs out of the fish. Thankfully we were able to develop a more natural hand milking process that involved relaxing the fish with clove oil and then gently milking out the Salmon Roe. We also have been successful in developing a pasteurisation process that eliminates any Listeria risk and provided a longer shelf life. Through basic selective breeding and operating like a free range Salmon farm (eg low stocking densities) we have been able to secure a farm free of any chemicals, antibiotics and disease.


What is your favourite caviar dish?


Atlantic Salmon Caviar can be used in numerous dishes, but my absolute favourite is a simple Blini, topped with a quality Australian Creme Fraiche and a dollop of our Fresh Aussie Salmon Caviar!

Try this Salmon Caviar recipe contributed by Chef Ian Curly of The European

European Caviar swirl

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