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The 10 best milk brands in Australia

When I say milk, what do you think of? Probably the image of cows happily grazing lush pastures of clover and wild herbs, milked by a farmer with a smile on her face. This is the image that most brands market to us … the good news is that there are some dairy producers that make this vision a reality.

We at Artisan House have made it our mission to identify and showcase such producers, and here’s how we do it.

In line with our firm belief that food is not a commodity and that every product displays varying degrees of quality, our measures are across three distinct yet interrelated criteria:

operational integrity

ethical practices


In the case of our dairy-milk review, a score out of ten has been awarded to each brand, and those producing a result of seven or higher have been featured in the Artisan House directory. I am thrilled to point out that there are currently over a dozen brands of dairy-milk from all around Australia scoring sufficiently high to be featured.

What does this mean? When consumers purchase these brands, they are supporting farmers who care not only about their bottom-line, but also about the environment, their animals, and the quality of the milk itself. 

Without further ado, based on our scrutiny* of dairy-milk brands available, we are thrilled to reveal the top milk brands in Australia (in alphabetical order):


2Cows Dairy logo

2Cow Dairy (Tasmania)

Barambah Organics Logo

Barambah Organics (Queensland)

Bodalla Dairy

Bodalla (New South Wales)

Cooloola Milk logo

Cooloola Milk (Queensland)

demeter logo in png 100x100

Demeter (Victoria)

maleny 1

Maleny (Queensland)

margaret river organic creameries logo

Margaret River Organic Creameries (Western Australia)

Mungalli Creek logo

Mungalli Creek (Queensland)

red cow dairies

Red Cow Dairies (Tasmania)

Schulz Organic Farm

Schulz Organic Farms (Victoria)


Here is a list of the other great brands of milk which have sufficiently met the Artisan House criteria to be featured in the directory:

Bass River Dairies

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek

Big River Milk

Country Valley Milk


Misty Mountain Farms

Robe Dairy

Udder Farm


* whilst all dairy-milk producers were invited to submit information for our scrutiny, there was a small proportion who chose not to. These brands are not featured within the Artisan House directory. Similarly, those dairies which scored under seven out of ten are not featured within the Artisan House directory.


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