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Salmon Caviar


Please meet Chef Ian Curley, creator of this recipe which has been a favourite and permanent fixture across all of his establishments.

Chef Curley heads up the team behind some of the most acclaimed restaurants, diners and bars around Melbourne CBD including The European, The Supper Club, Kirk’s Wine Bar and most recently, The French Saloon. More like an upmarket bistro, this sun-drenched loft is a lovely space with non-imposing charm and a delicious menu, both food and beverage.

Curley Caviar

We asked Chef Curley to share a favourite dish off his menu with us and so he did. He calls this one, in honour of the fine feature ingredient, Salmon Caviar – a generous sized starter served with Yarra Valley Caviar in a specially made 3-piece caviar dish, accompanied by five perfectly shaped delicious potato blini, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, a quenelle of horseradish crème fraiche and finely chopped chives.

Here’s the recipe:

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Feature ingredients and their origins:

A great meal always begins with great ingredients from land or water. Let’s take a look at the lengths that some producers and artisans go to in order to bring you the very best quality products.

Yarra Valley Caviar

It is one of the only dedicated Australian producers of fresh water Atlantic Salmon Caviar and a staunch believer in the humane treatment of its fish, taking a completely natural approach to its rearing and roe extraction. Read more …

Have you ever seen how caviar is milked from the salmon?

The result is a superb quality roe which is salted with premium sea salt flakes from Olsson’s Salt, to produce bright, plump and flawless caviar – bursting with flavour.

Pepe Saya Crème Fraiche

Crème Fraîche is a cultured cream containing 10–45% butterfat and having a pH of around 4.5. It is soured with lactic bacteria culture which is naturally present in milk. Less acidic than sour cream with a lower viscosity and a higher fat content, this product lends itself particularly well for use in desserts.

As a producer of premium cultured butter, which is traditionally made by churning cultured cream (Crème Fraîche), we can only imagine how much of this delicious airy-light cultured cream is produced by Pepe Saya Butter! Read more …

Introducing Country Valley Picton & John Fairley, The Dairy Farmer

And where does the cream that Pepe Saya cultures come from? An ethical, multi-generational farm in Picton. So much a part of the landscape is the Fairley family that the road was named in their honour!


Olsson’s Sea Salt

Here’s an ingredient which is integral to not only this recipe but to all of the feature ingredients: Sea Salt!

It is from the unique, pristine sea-scape of the Great Australian Bight that Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes are harvested. The flakes are soft, sweet and delicate. Completely natural, chemical and preservative free, consuming this salt is experiencing the exceptional taste of Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula, the Nullarbor, Coffin Bay and Memory Cove. Read more …

And then there’s the visual presentation of a Great Meal to consider

What really completes this great dish at French Saloon is the presentation. Somehow the caviar tastes even better when you see it glistening in the 3-piece porcelain serving dish that was hand-crafted by the designer herself! Read more …

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The Origin of this Great Meal

Chef Ian Curley has shared a truly great recipe with us which we will treasure. He has equally given us the opportunity to trace back and see how the Origin of A Great Meal goes far beyond his kitchen. In fact, a Great Meal always begins with Great Ingredients from land or water – it takes a conscientious recipe creator to seek out such ingredients and produce recipes that best feature them.

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