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Here’s a Beast Master who believes that the produce should always be the hero. A chef who makes it his personal mission to source the best, locally grown ingredients and get his culinary inspiration from all these goodies that nature has to offer.

Paul Baker was not raised on offal but has certainly acquired a taste for them as an adult. It is the hearts that seem to have tickled his fancy the most though, mainly due to their versatility.

We asked Beast Master Baker to share some of his favourite offal recipes and he presented us with two:

Barberry Braised Beef Cheeks, Ras El Hanout Eggplant & Pickled Heirloom Vegetables

Barberry Braised Beef Cheeks, Ras El Hanout Eggplant & Pickled Heirloom Vegetables 

“I wanted to take a cut that’s becoming quite well known and using flavour combinations and cooking processes people know about but maybe were to afraid or nervous about to have a go at. This recipe is quite simple but full of flavour.”

Venison Tongue Pastrami

Veal Tongue Pastrami

“I took a cut not usually associated with air drying and found a way of cooking it by using techniques of braising and smoking then drying. If you can eat beef pastrami, proscuitto or salami then you can eat tongue pastrami!

“When braised it tastes just like a slow cooked piece of venison with a lot more flavor”

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