As a society there are certain products, such as motor vehicles and fashion items, which most of us have been conditioned to differentiate in terms of quality. We understand and value the materials used, the quality of the design as well as other features. We invest the time to research the options and choose the optimal product for our needs.

The quality of consumables, on the other hand, is often overlooked. Habit, convenience, marketing trickery and lack of awareness can result in purchases which are misaligned to the customers’ understanding of what they are getting. Not all bread and milk are created equal.

At Artisan House we believe that the quality of what we consume has a direct bearing on the quality of our lives. By consciously nourishing our bodies (our temples) with wholesome quality products on a daily basis, we ensure that we are giving ourselves the greatest opportunity to live a healthy and balanced life.

Artisan House is on a mission to be Australia’s most credible information source for quality consumables, producers and specialist craftspeople (artisans), and the retailers that support them by stocking their products.

Before we explain the eligibility criteria for brands and products to be listed on our directory, it is important to take a step back and ask one simple question.

Q: What is a quality product?

A: It is the output of a quality Origin to Consumption Chain©

Origin to consumption chain©

Most living things start from a seed containing nature’s DNA which dictates what this life form will become given optimal growing conditions. The quality of the seed will be determined by the health of the parent organisms from which they were generated.

The total environment (climate, soil & nutrient quality, water purity) directly impacts the capacity of the seed to fulfill its natural potential.

Collection of the seed’s fruits is an equally important part of the process. In order to preserve their nutritionally dense benefits, harvesting needs to be performed both carefully and at the right time.

Processing is the final step in the resultant product. Traditional techniques using pre-industrial time honoured methods are more likely to facilitate the retention of the wholesomeness of the product.

Our philosophy

At Artisan House we believe that if raw ingredients are grown in their appropriate environment, carefully harvested and then processed using time-honoured techniques, their unique identities and natural goodness will be nurtured and more likely to be present in the finished consumables.

It is these products that we deem to be of good quality and eligible to be listed in our directory.