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What is it about this wondrous beverage that so many fervently seek out on a daily basis … perhaps it’s the aroma which stimulates the senses, activating our receptors and boosting our energy levels, perhaps it’s the appearance of the deep-brown, luxurious-looking liquid that practically speaks to us, or perhaps it’s the delicious nature of the drink which seems to have a way of caressing our taste buds, imparting the flavours of the land from which the beans themselves come from …

Whatever your reason for loving coffee, we have some exciting news for you (especially if you reside in Melbourne)!

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History is in the making as the iconic set of Grossi restaurants launches into Territory Melbourne Coffee – raising the coffee benchmark by attempting to create something that is distinctly Melbourne while proudly referencing Italian influence. As part of their ongoing devotion to delivering personal experiences, this custom-selected and roasted coffee will be available across all Grossi restaurants.

With ‘Melbournese’ as its territorial identity, it will sit amongst Melbourne’s coffee scene as an accessible everyday luxury for coffee enthusiasts, both locals and visitors, who appreciate and are excited by Melbourne’s renowned coffee culture.

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Territory Melbourne Coffee is a fresh and thoughtful hand crafted product that captures the essence of origin, produce and skill. So, if you love a great coffee, why not try it for yourself and sip some aromatic, quality Melbournese coffee at Grossi.

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