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It Ain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It)

It Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It)

At Artisan House we believe that food is not a commodity and every product displays varying degrees of quality, depending on numerous factors. 

When a food producer relentlessly pursues the creation of a masterpiece, it will inevitably taste, look and be of excellent quality.  Whether it’s a bushel of wheat or a washed-rind cheese, a conscientious producer will harness nature’s offerings respectfully to achieve best possible results. It is these producers, who do not cut corners, and who practice time-honoured techniques that Artisan House seeks out and features in the directory.

In reviewing a product we are seeking to determine its total quality based on three distinct yet interrelated criteria.

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 1. Operational Integrity

Put simply, there are two broad business models when it comes to food production:

food operation

Operational integrity measures the extent to which a food producer is willing to sacrifice quality for the sake of lower cost and higher volume.

 2. Ethical Practices

When we rate a product based on the practices employed to make it, we take into consideration the:

treatment of the land – use of chemicals or synthetic fertiliser, pasture rotation.

farmed animals – feed, space, care, pregnancy and birth, offspring (including how male offspring are dealt with).

 3. Provenance 

Here we look at the extent to which the final product is influenced by the natural resources and environment of its origin.

A quality product will be the ultimate communicator of its provenance.

Grading Ranges

excellent – displaying highest standards within this category (score of at least nine out of ten)

very good – displaying almost all best practice within this category (score of at least eight out of ten)

good – displaying some important aspect of best practice within this category (score of at least seven out of ten)

Whilst there are ranges which fall beneath the “good” standard, Artisan House chooses not to feature such products/brands in the directory.

Overall Rating

The number in the centre of the dial represents the overall quality score awarded to a product, with due consideration of all of the above criteria.


So in summary, Artisan House reviews products & brands awarding each with an overall quality rating out of ten. Those scoring 7 or higher out of 10 are added to the Artisan House directory. This way we provide clear information to site visitors and shoppers looking for a guide.

When you purchase brands included in the Artisan House directory, you can be certain that you are supporting farmers/producers who care not only about their bottom-line, but also about the environment, the welfare of the animals, sustainability of their practices, as well as the quality of the product itself.

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