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Interview with a specialist tomato sauce maker - Lenny Scalia

Please meet Lenny Scalia, the man who has dedicated his life to preserving his Italian family’s passata tradition.

Lenny Scalia

Lenny is the man behind the delicious, traditionally made One Sicilian Lad range of Passata.

When asked about his background, Lenny recounted how from an early age he spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching his mum cook. He fondly remembers how her food always put a smile on people’s faces as she’s an amazing cook. “Our friends and family would always rave on about Zia Sarina’s cooking.”

Fascinated by his mum’s culinary ability, Lenny’s personal passion for food became obvious as a child. “She is by far the best cook in the world in my eyes.” (What a lovely son he is!)

Looking back on his life, some of Lenny’s fondest memories are of the family getting together each season to makes, salami, marinated olives, passata and even limoncello.

So, we asked: you have the know how to make your own salami, marinated olives and produce limoncello. Why the fascination with Passata?

Lenny didn’t have to think long about the answer: “I love everything about Passata. From the amazing aroma of the vine rippened tomatoes, the sound of pouring sauce into the bottles, to creating any dish imaginable. Most importantly I love how we can make Passata this year and cook with it in a year or two and it still tastes as fresh and amazing as the day you made it. It really is history in a bottle.”

One Sicilian Lad were the first and are still currently the only company producing traditional Passata in Australia. Something Lenny is extremely proud of.

“As head of production at One Sicilian Lad, I’ve always wanted to share my story and our heritage through our product range, as well as the beauty of this amazing fruit and the benefits that come with it. I always wondered why there were only imported Passata on the market, so it was an easy decision to start producing our range using only the best Australian produce.”

And using the best Australian produce is a true commitment as all of their tomatoes arrive direct from the growers from the Murray Bridge region in South Australia, the Goulburn Valley region in Victoria and the Riverina region in NSW. “We have built strong relationships with our farmers ensuring only premium quality vine ripened tomatoes are used for churning in every single bottle.”



Asked about his favourite use of Passata, we were rewarded with a delicious recipe for Spicy Mussels with Chorizo:

OSL Mussels

. . .

 OSL 2  OSL 4 OSL 5  OSL 7


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