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Congratulations to Angel Oysters!

Did you know that of all Oyster Farmers in the world, very few tick all the requirements to be accredited by world organisation, Friend of the Sea?

Well, Australia can now boast that one very dedicated Oyster Farm: Angel Oysters, specialising in Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) farmed in the pristine waters of Smoky Bay, a coastal hamlet on the South Australian Eyre Peninsula, have recently been awarded this accreditation. Friend of the Sea certification is an important international confirmation of the natural origin of our oysters because it verifies that Angel Oysters have minimal impact on the environment and are one of the most sustainable seafood choices available.

So what is it about the Angel Oysters operation that makes it worthy of such a highly-regarded accreditation?

From an environmental perspective, Angel Oysters conducts a responsible farming operation which complies with the Friend of the Sea standard. An adjustable long-line system has been implemented in order to monitor the water flow throughout the farms. The impact on the sea bed is negligible allowing the sea grasses to regrow and rejuvenate.

An efficient traceability system is in place, so that oysters are fully traced from spat, throughout their life’s history on the company’s farms, to their destination and the product line.

The company holds the eco-label NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) Certified Organic and it implements ongoing improvements to infrastructure related to recycled posts and baskets.

Industry Tour to Eyre Peninsula
Industry Tour to Eyre Peninsula

Angel Oysters is not open to the public however Straight to the Source conduct Industry Tours of the Eyre Peninsula bianually. Contact Straight to the Source directly to enquire about their Catch & Cook Tours to the Eyre Peninsula which include a variety of educational and fascinating excursions on land and sea: abalone production facility, oyster leases and sorting sheds, you’ll also join local fisherman as they unload and sort their daily catch and fish filleting tutelage from experts.

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