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Australia's own Heirloom Cookware

Have you heard the great news?

MJ Henry, the food loving Australian engineer who developed Füri chef knives has now re-engineered the classic cast iron pan, retaining all the best features cooks love, and updating their traditional weaknesses with new innovation.

Mark J Henry

What does this mean? Well, good old-fashioned manufacturing values of producing the best of their kind in the world cookware from the best possible quality raw materials and techniques. What’s even more impressive is that they are being 100% made at at a world-class foundry in South Australia (see ), with clean Australian iron. Strict material controls ensure a safe, non-toxic cooking surface free from heavy metal contaminants.

Solidteknics AUSfonte

MJ Henry has a vision to create a more sustainable industry where cookware is not a disposable item, and is not coated with questionable synthetics for a little extra consumer convenience.

As a result, the AUSfonte seasoned bare one-piece cast iron pans, are of heirloom durability, made to be passed down from one generation to another. You don’t see that too often these days!


Oh, and there’s another great attribute to fall in love with: these pans are sustainable nonstick with no heat limits: the all-natural low-stick seasoning is easy to build and maintain yourself (see ) and forever renewable, not disposable like regular nonstick pans. This is nonstick that just gets better with time!


We can’t wait to trial ours out and look forward to your feedback about it also. For further information and to purchase, visit the SolidTeknics logo website.

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