Beverages category encompasses all beverages, both alcoholic & non-alcoholic, coffee & tea inclusive of beer, wine, spirits, ciders and any other alcoholic beverages, kombucha, kefir, fermented (non-alcoholic) drinks, juices, etc.

Books & DVDs category encompasses culinary & recipe books, DVDs, seasonal diaries, how to, travel guides, Magazines, etc.

Food category encompasses:
Bakery items – bread, pastries, cakes and biscuits
Dairy items – all milk (including plant-based), cream, quark and yoghurt
Delicatessen items – charcuterie, cheese, fresh pasta and preserves (including savoury sauces and fermented vegetables)
Dry Pantry items – beans, legumes & pulses, cacao, flour, granola, dry herbs, dry pasta, salt, spices, oil, sweeteners (including honey)
Fish & Seafood items – fish, seafood and derivatives of these such as smoked fish, caviar, pickled herring, salted fish, anchovies, etc.
Indulgences – Indulgences category encompasses chocolate, chips & other snacks, nuts & dried fruit, jam, nut-spread and ice-cream
Meals – ready-cooked meals which may require heating
Meat & Eggs – red meat, poultry, game, and eggs (including chicken, quail, turkey, etc)
Oli & Fat – plant-origin oils such as olive, macadamia, sesame seed, coconut oil as well as animal-origin oils such as duck fat and ghee

Kitchen Appliances & Accessories category includes stand mixers, hand blenders, dehydrators, home kits, cutlery, crockery, utensils, cookware, etc.

Kitchen Garden Supplies category encompasses garden supplies such as soil, fertilisers, seeds, crates, pots, plants, utensils, etc.

Personal Care category encompasses products intended for personal grooming such as body creams, scents, hair-care, soap, etc.