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An offal Whole Beast feature!


At Artisan House we are excited by this Whole Beast feature as it fits our philosophy, our understanding and passion for time-honoured techniques, respect for the Origin to Consumption Chain and mission to increase awareness of utilisation of all raw materials, including what many people would consider to be waste.



Animal Origin


Interest in pasture-based farming and local food production has seen a resurgence in the farming of old-world heritage breed beasts. Complementing this, many small farmers also adhere to a system of holistic management that slowly nurtures the health of the pasture’s soil and grass. Throughout this feature, we will showcase such farms.

These beasts, heritage breed or not, live a life on pasture that allows them to roam freely in the sunshine, wallow in mud, and just  meander around as their nature commands them to do.

The time they spend eating natural grass, roots, and forage ultimately reinforces both the flavour and nutrient quality of their meat.

Further, animals, like humans, synthesise vitamin D in their skin and fat when they live a life exposed to sunshine. As a result, pasture-raised animals are rich in vitamin D, a nutrient that supports bone health, immunity, and overall wellness. In addition, there are plenty of other nutritional benefits which will be covered in detail throughout the feature.


The Odd Bits


Ok, getting straight to the heart of it (pardon the pun – sorry, that joke was offal! :-)) … heads, tongues, livers, kidneys, bones, fat, brains are NOT generally animal parts that are sought after as the public is no longer accustomed to using the entire animal, as did our forebears. This is a great shame as these parts are not only strong in flavours but are also very good for us nutritionally, whilst being comparatively affordable.

Fortunately, interest in nose-to-tail eating is beginning to increase thanks to a small band of dedicated food specialists across the country who are pioneering the use of all parts of the whole beast into delicious menu items.

We scoured the country for these specialists with whom we have collaborated to put together this feature. We are proud to unveil the Beast Masters 2015!

Beast Masters Line Up

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing you to each Beast Master and providing some insight into their motivation for nose-to-tail cooking.

Between them, the Beast Masters have contributed a dozen favourite recipes utilising odd bits, which we will share with you over the course of the feature.


Nutritional Guidance


Meet Anthia Koullouros, the beautiful founder and CEO of Ovvio Organics, as well as an accomplished and highly respected naturopath, herbalist, organic food, health & lifestyle educator, author of I am food (Penguin Book Publication).

Anthia will be providing expert nutritional guidance for each of the Beast Master recipes.

Anthia Koullouros

Anthia Koullouros


Wine Matching


Meet Adam Walls, the wine expert that will kindly and eloquently be matching each of the Beast Master recipes.

Adam has been working with Wine Selector for five years. Since 2013 he has been with the Product Buying Team and is the company’s official Wine Educator.

A recent graduate of the WSET Diploma in Wine and Spirits, Adam has a rich background in food+wine having worked in restaurants, hotels and bars both here in Australia and in the UK.

Adam Walls

Adam Walls

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