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A truffle hunting we will go ...

Desiree, Marabel, Saxon, Wilja, Annabelle, Anja, Carlingford, Exquisa, Lady Balfour, Osprey, Nicola, Corolle … whilst these sound like lovely lady-names, they are not in this instance. Red, yellow, pink, blue, white … not just nice colours. Wedged, boiled, roasted, steamed, mashed, jacketed … we are of course introducing the solanum tuberosum, the world’s fourth largest food crop – Potatoes!


How about a tuber of a different kind? Not a potato, but a fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus, which is highly sought after in the culinary world.


Why are we writing about humble potatoes and extravagent truffles at the same time? Well, that’s because recently, one of this country’s leading experts on potatoes, Georgina Dragwidge of Georgie’s Harvest (South Melbourne Market), hosted a launch party to mark Truffle Season 2015!


Michael and Georgina Dragwidge
Michael and Georgina Dragwidge


It was a terrific evening with a warm, community feel as friends and customers of this specialty retailer gathered to celebrate. The atmosphere was festive with live musicians, 100ft long tables laden with a feast of seasonal delicacies prepared by Renan Goksin, and a spectacular tower built of cheese. There was a sea of people (300 or so) mingling and having a genuinely good time.

Congratulations to the entire Georgie’s Harvest Team – not only are you a specialist retailer of best quality produce from the ground, you really know how to throw a party!

Georgie's 4th annual cocktail party

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