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A Taste of Honey

Long before Herb Alpert or The Beatles, bees have been singing about A taste of Honey tasting much sweeter than wine …

We’re not sure whether it’s completely accurate to compare honey to wine but if it’s sweetness you’re after, there aren’t many substances on earth that are sweeter than honey, real honey!

Whether you’re a sweet-tooth or not, you’d have to agree that in some instances, with a gentle hand and a mindful eye, some flavours can be accentuated with the addition of an appropriate sweetener. And in most cases, natural raw, unfiltered honey is the perfect natural sweetener.

When utilising honey in cooked sweets, it’s important to try and ensure its addition after the cooking process as much as possible in order not to destroy the heat-sensitive vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes naturally contained in it.

When it comes to honey, sustainable beekeeping practices as well as the environment in which the bees reside will have a direct impact on its quality. This is precisely why we recommend you only consume honey that originates from Apiarists who practice natural bee keeping: the bees are treated with respect, are not smoked out of their hives, and sufficient stores of honey are left in their hives to survive the winter.

Undoubtedly, the best quality honey would be the fresh, almost warm, raw kind that you would get from a well-loved bee colony residing and pollinating the fruit, vegetables and herbs in your own backyard. With such honey, you would be enjoying the true flavour of your environment … of course, this is a little unrealistic for the majority of working Australian city-dwellers.

Luckily there are Apiarists across Australia who are dedicated to taking good care of their bee colonies and as a result produce best quality raw honey. And Artisan House continue to investigate, scrutinize and befriend these specialists to include them, their brands and stockists in the Artisan House Directory.

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And of course, we do also realize that although a little daunting, the desire to keep your own bees (because this is certainly achievable even in suburbia) may be out there amongst the Artisan House community. We have therefore teamed up with Apiarist Adrian Iodice, friend and supporter of Artisan House, to offer you 10% discount on any Beekeeping Naturally course you book in 2016! Attending such a course will provide you with the hands-on knowledge passed on, by commercial-turned-natural beekeepers, to provide you with all you need to know on the topic.

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